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Jiani Jiang

Wheaton College Dietitian

Jiani Jiang MS, RD, LDN

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Jiani (JJ) is the Registered Dietitian at Wheaton College Dining. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge about food, nutrition, and wellness as well as using her knowledge to support students, faculty, and all staff on campus. She believes in weight-neutral and holistic approaches to optimizing health and wellbeing through food, sleep, stress management, and life-study balance. She keeps up with new publications to provide the latest evidence and nutrition-based strategies for anyone who has related questions.

She also urges students to discover healthy ways to cope with stress and advocates for mental health counseling via Wheaton College Counseling Services.

Jiani graduated from Boston University with her Bachelor of Arts in Biology. After finding out her true passion, she pursued further education in Master of Science, Nutrition and Entrepreneurship at Simmons University. With her international background, she has great empathy for people from different cultures and backgrounds. She can cook food from around the world and can speak Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. You will find her at wellness and tabling events across campus or virtually for individual and small group nutrition counseling.

The focus of these sessions is to optimize mental and physical performance through nutrition-based interventions. Topics typically addressed during individual sessions include optimal performance nutrition, nutritional supplements, eating on-the-run, fueling for physical activity, guidelines for vegans and vegetarians, food allergies, eating disorders, general health and wellness, basic nutrition guidelines and more.

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Office: Emerson Hall, 12 Howard Street (enter the front door at the left side, walk straight down the hallway right next to the bathroom)
Phone: (508) 286-8209


Allergen Solutions

True Balance

Do you have food allergies or intolerances? Our chef’s have you covered. True Balance is a station in Chase Dining where our dining team prepares special selections from ingredients without most common food allergens. Here you’ll find delicious dishes made without the top 8 most common food allergens – egg, fish, milk, peanut, tree nuts, shellfish, soy and wheat.* To see our daily menu offerings at this station, full nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information, visit our Locations & Menus page.

Wheaton College offers a dining option of entrees made without seven of the eight major allergens. The students are raving about its popularity and offerings. Take a look!

*Aramark relies on our vendors’ allergy warnings and ingredient listings. Because we operate a commercial kitchen where ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions, and cross-contact with allergens is possible, Aramark cannot guarantee that any food item will be completely free of allergens.


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Made without Gluten Options

Vegan and Vegetarian Options

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Experienced Culinary & Nutritional Team

•Highlight 1:
 Visit our interactive Wellness Wall at Emerson Dining for up to date nutritional information

•Highlight 2:
 Hospitality Moments are impromptu catered breaks that take place in various locations on campus.  The goal of these fun and tasty events is to encourage socialization and relive some of life’s daily stressors.

•Highlight 3:
Each year we host a Health and Wellness table to highlight and encourage healthy eating, sleeping and exercising as part of each student’s daily routine.  We offer samples of new dishes that are high in nutrients and flavor.