Find out more about the updates for Check Balance and online purchasing and get connected today!

Wheaton College Dining is implementing a new point of sale system.  Students or Faculty and Staff members will be able to check their meal plan balance and dining transaction history on the CampusDish website by linking up their Wheaton ID, which will then link up to the new system!

If you had linked up your ID before, you will find that this link is now removed so that we can move your account to our new system.  But, don't worry! It's easy to get linked back up again!

Students or Faculty and Staff members may sign up or login, and link their Wheaton ID card number in the My Account. Students may also invite family members to be linked to their account using Family Link. Family linked members may view the student meal plan balance, dining transaction history, and make purchases for the student, like adding on more Lyons Bucks when they run low!

How do I sign up?  It's Easy!

1. Create a CampusDish account or login.  Click Sign In on the upper right hand corner of the website and then the Sign Up button to create an account if you have not had one before.  If you already have a CampusDish account, just login!  Forgot your password?  No problem.  Just click the Forgot Password link and we'll get you reset in a jiffy!

2. Link your ID.  If you don't need to make a purchase yet, then you can visit the My Account to link to your Wheaton ID.  Use the ID number on your Wheaton ID, do not include the W, and enter your last name in the fields.  

Making a purchase?  If you have not linked your ID and need to reload your Lyons Bucks or purchase a meal plan, we will link your ID card number for you during the purchase!  Your Student or Faculty and Staff ID number is verified as part of the checkout process and we'll automatically link your ID card number to your CampusDish account if you have not done so already.

What if I need help?
Don't worry, we're here to help you!  You can email, call the dining office, or just drop by and we will happy to help you.